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Noah Webster was an American lexicographer, textbook author, and language reformer. He is best known for his speller, the American Dictionary of the English Language, and for his work in standardizing American English.
Webster was born in 1758 in West Hartford, Connecticut. He attended Yale University and graduated in 1778. After graduation, he taught school in Hartford and then moved to New York City to practice law. In 1783, he published his first book, A Grammatical Institute of the English Language. This book was the first of many works he would publish in his lifetime.
In 1806, Webster published his first dictionary, A Compendious Dictionary of the English Language. This was followed by An American Dictionary of the English Language in 1828. This work was the first dictionary to include American words and spellings. It was also the first to include definitions of words.
Webster was a strong advocate of language reform. He believed that American English should be distinct from British English and that it should be simplified and standardized. He was also a proponent of spelling reform and was instrumental in the adoption of the simplified spelling system used in the United States today.
Webster's work had a profound effect on the development of the English language in the United States. His dictionaries and spellers are still widely used today. He is remembered as a great scholar and patriot who helped shape the English language in the United States.